The Benefits of Dry Brushing

Your skin is the largest organ in your body and plays an important role in detoxification. This vital organ can often show warning signs for internal imbalances. Collectively weighing almost twice as much as your liver the skin receives 1/3 of the blood circulating in the body. The skin:

  1. Acts as a protective barrier against viruses and bacteria
  2. Helps in elimination of metabolic waste products from the body
  3. Promotes absorption by assimilating oxygen and other nutrients
  4. Works as a respiratory organ
  5. Regulates body temperature

While your skin acts as the first line of defense in protecting the body, it is important to remember that it is a living, breathing organ and substances that are absorbed by it travel to your lymphatic and blood systems. It is the job of the liver and kidneys to neutralize any adverse effects from exposure to chemical or environmental toxins. Chronic or daily exposure to environmental pollutants and chemical toxins can negatively impact your health, whether absorbed through your skin or lungs.

Skin is often referred to as a third kidney as it works directly with the kidneys in promoting water balance. The skin has hundreds of pores per square inch that require stimulation from tiny muscles that play an important role in supporting detoxification. Detoxification happens with the help of several organs, the liver, colon, lungs, kidneys and skin all work in tandem to cleanse and heal the body. Dry brushing not only promotes healthy and vibrant skin but also:

  1. Exfoliation assists in removing dead skin cells and encouraging cell renewal
  2. Cleansing the pores helps your skin to absorb nutrients by eliminating clogged pores
  3. Stimulate the hormone and oil-producing glands
  4. Help keep skin soft and supple
  5. Improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage by releasing metabolic waste products and encourages the body's natural cleanup systems.
  6. Help control cellulite by developing better muscle tone and distribution of fat cells.
  7. Uplifting effect on the nervous system through stimulation of nerve endings
  8. Generally helps improve health and vibrancy

How to Dry Brush

  1. Use a natural bristle brush daily for best results.
  2. Starting with the feet and ankles brush gently in smooth circular movement upward toward the heart – lymphatic fluid flows upward through the body.
  3. Move up to the lower legs, thighs, stomach, back, neck and arms using long smooth strokes.
  4. Be careful around soft sensitive skin around the breasts. Never brush over inflamed skin.
  5. Clean your brush every few days with soap and warm water.